About Us

Maple Leaf Daycare, Preschool & Education Centre

At Maple Leaf Daycare, Preschool & Education Centre, we are passionate about helping children prepare for their academic future and to be able to apply these concepts to the real world. We believe that in order to succeed in life, every child needs to learn how to deal with many choices and develop a variety of skills to solve the problems that they face.

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What We Do

Day Care

We strongly believe that children are competent, capable, curious and rich in potential and that they deserve a safe, caring, and innovative environment where they can thrive. It is the goal of Maple Leaf Daycare, Preschool & Education Centre to nurture future global leaders with the Canadian values of equality, respect, safety, peace, and love of nature.

Maple Leaf Daycare, Preschool & Education Centre is founded by professionals with a vision and a deep desire to cultivate the love for learning in the community.

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During the preschool years, amazing changes happen in children’s “thinking skills.” Their memories are becoming stronger-they often remember surprising details. They can share their ideas in new and interesting ways.

Their imaginations are becoming a primary vehicle for play and learning. They begin to compare, contrast, organize, analyze, and come up with more and more complex ways to solve problems.

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Out Of School Care

Our dedicated team of caregivers fosters a supportive community where curiosity is encouraged, friendships blossom, and every child’s unique potential is celebrated. From engaging activities we prioritize a well-rounded experience that complements your child’s academic journey. Join us in shaping memorable moments and building a foundation for lifelong learning at our exceptional Out-of-School Care facility. Enroll today for an enriching adventure that combines fun and education!

Education Centre

At Maple Leaf Daycare, Preschool & Education Centre, our strategy is to ensure access to quality education right from pre-primary formative years for improving the learning and education outcomes of our students.

Our integrated facility aims to provide daycare, preschool along with evening and weekend classes up to High School and beyond. Maple Leaf Education Centre aims to be at the heart of community development through various initiatives.

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