Our Mission

At Maple Leaf Daycare, Preschool & Education Centre, our strategy is to ensure access to quality education right from pre-primary formative years for improving the learning and education outcomes of our students.

Our integrated facility aims to provide daycare, preschool along with evening and weekend classes up to High School and beyond. Maple Leaf Education Centre aims to be at the heart of community development through various initiatives.


All the courses will be delivered in classroom as well as ONLINE.
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How would we measure success

We would measure the success of our students in four realms:

1 Numeracy and Literacy

Numeracy and Literacy

We proudly follow Canadian curriculum and will work to improve the educational outcomes of our kids in Alberta syllabus.

2 Motivation to Excel

Motivation to Excel

Our aim is to motivate kids to be ambitious – to aim for lofty goals, to delay instant gratification for better longer-term professional outcomes.

3 Cognitive Awareness

Cognitive Awareness

A key to success in the real world is to develop reflective thinking, an inward-looking perspective and constructively taking divergent views to come up with better and agreeable solutions

4 Mental

Mental Acuity

We would work to improve the imaginative ability of kids both in numeracy and literacy to better assimilate divergent thought patterns.

How would we achieve the above goals

Through our Golden Triangle Approach©

Academic Excellence:

For the achievements of Numeracy and Literacy, Motivation to Excel, Mental Acuity


Achievements in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics – Our dedicated staff will work with students to help them in reading, analyzing and interpreting from a text or graph; In mathematics, our students will work on advanced mathematical thinking concepts and reasoning. In science, our kids would use abstract scientific ideas to experience deep learning using hands-on activities and by integrating real-world experiences with newly learned concepts.

2. Creativity and Innovation

In traditional civilizations of pre-modern era, mode of learning had been on narrating stories, building castles, drawing pictures, learning to share, collective learning. While today, more and more children are spending time practicing phonics, memorizing math flashcards etc. Our view is that in a continually evolving world, creativity and innovation still hold the key to success. Our curriculum will allow students to imagine and create their own projects, work on those projects with other kids, and reflect on their experiences.

3. Practicing Mindfulness

Experiential Learning:

Ever since American organizational psychologist David Kolb published his seminal book, Experiential Learning: Experience as the Source of Learning and Development, his ideas have influenced the work of educators. At Maple Leaf Education Centre, we will work with our students to understand each student’s distinct learning pattern and enhance their knowledge through a combination of classroom teaching and experiential learning in form of listening exercises, case studies, silent demonstrations, simulations and role plays.

Social Emotional Development:

Maple Tree is a symbol of strength and endurance. It not only has an immense dimensional stability and aesthetics; it also provides a sweet maple syrup. True to its name, our Centre aims to produce future Canadian leaders with similar qualities of strength, endurance and humility. We believe that every child has a unique intellectual and creative curiosity and as educators, we must nurture the best in every child. Our project based cognitive approach to teaching will enhance both the self-awareness and social awareness in our students.

How would we report progress

We will use a format consistent with Canadian report card to record and inform kids’ progress.