Our indoor and outdoor environments set the stage for children to have experiences that will promote growth and development building respectful, responsive relationships with each other and the childcare educators.

  • Infant Room

    Infant Room

  • Toddler Room

    Toddler Room

  • Pre-School Room

    Pre-School Room

  • Kinder

    Out-of-School-Care Room


Children will have daily access to a beautiful outdoor play space.

  • The outdoor play space that is part of the program premises is securely enclosed by a fence.
  • Maple Leaf Daycare, Preschool & Education Centre educators will have access to developmentally appropriate portable outdoor play materials and equipment to promote active play which will include a combination of educator directed activities and free play.

Out of School Care


Our dedicated team of caregivers fosters a supportive community where curiosity is encouraged, friendships blossom, and every child’s unique potential is celebrated. From engaging activities we prioritize a well-rounded experience that complements your child’s academic journey. Join us in shaping memorable moments and building a foundation for lifelong learning at our exceptional Out-of-School Care facility. Enroll today for an enriching adventure that combines fun and education!

Outdoor Supervision

Children will be effectively supervised and adequately protected in the outdoor play space provided by Maple Leaf Daycare, Preschool & Education Centre through the direct and close monitoring of activities.

Educators will watch the children and facilitate the children’s play to ensure that the children are engaging in safe play.