Maple Leaf Preschool believes that children are competent, capable, curious and rich in potential and that every child deserves a safe, caring, and innovative environment where they can thrive. It is the goal our goal to nurture future global leaders with the Canadian values of equality, respect, safety, peace, and love of nature.

The program is founded by professionals with a vision and a deep desire to cultivate the love for learning in the community. As such, we recognize the importance of engaging young minds, getting them excited about working creatively and collaboratively in order to solve complex problems.

At Maple Leaf Preschool, we are passionate about helping children prepare for their academic future and to be able to apply these concepts to the real world. We believe that in order to succeed in life, every child needs to learn how to deal with many choices and develop a variety of skills to solve the problems that they face.

We will deliver curriculum that is “Emergent” and based on the values and principles of Canadian Early Learning and Care Framework.

The program is committed to fostering each child’s self-esteem, feeling of self-worth and value through positive care giving and stimulating activities that will promote a sense of belonging, well-being, engagement, success and expression.
Play-based activities will provide meaningful opportunities for children to gain skills, construct knowledge and develop healthy relationships with their peers and early learning educators. Our educators will use play-based activities to teach and explore. Curriculum activities will be designed to follow children’s interest, strengths and natural curiosity.